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8 Life Planning Issues

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A Life Planning Firm

Welcome to our family firm! My name is Jim Kennedy and I work together with my son Aaron Kennedy, my daughter Angela Robinson, my son-in-law Bret Robinson… and an extended family of team members which includes my sister-in-law Wynn Harle, Susan Seider, Chris McCormick, Jennifer Isham, Matt Ervin, Amethyst Perryman, Jan Clay, Angie Hale, David Hatton, Stephanie Harrison, and Sheree Gailey.

Life Planning may be unknown terminology for you, but it is the very definition of the business we have been developing for 27 years. I began my career in banking in 1973 and not long afterwards entered the world of insurance, eventually segueing into securities after recognizing a growing passion to assist people with protecting and growing their financial future. Yet it wasn’t until 1989 that I had the big “aha:” Every client I worked with was gathering information from several different advisors and legal professionals, then trying to compile that information on their own to find the right answers for their situation. Inevitably, everyone I met with had holes, overlap, or both in their plan. And that was the genesis of the Life Planning. It wasn’t about the answers. It was about asking the right questions that need to be asked for your family’s unique situation. Only then do we begin coordinating and correlating all the answers from all of your financial professionals to send you in the right direction with confidence so that you can live Life on purpose.”

As the number of experiences with our clients has grown, so has our knowledge and wisdom. I say “our” because today my children and staff join me in our vision to be an industry leader through continuous Leadership, Relationship and Creativity. All the while we believe in doing things the “cowboy way.” Our word is our bond and our handshake is more binding than any contract. I encourage you to take some time and read about our approach to planning or simply the “cowboy way” we live.