A Life Planning Firm

Welcome to Kennedy Financial Services! My name is Jim Kennedy, president and founder. I began my career in banking in 1973, moved into insurance in 1978 and finally arrived in the investment arena in 1989. Over 30 years of working for and with the public have shown me that the majority of people thinking about their financial future are looking for three things in an advisor:

Leadership • Relationship • Creativity

I would add to that, experience, trust and integrity, and you have arrived at our door. Experience has also taught me that, as a rule, most people don’t plan to fail – they just fail to plan. And though it might sound like double-talk, I believe it’s what you don’t know that you don’t know that will hurt you. I feel it is important to take the time to work with you in determining which questions you need to be asking for your unique situation and finding appropriate solutions. We may not have lived your life, but we have lived it through the various experiences of our clients, and would like to place that experience and knowledge at your disposal. Thank you again, for visiting our website and for your interest in Kennedy Financial Services. – an alternative to the ordinary.

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